Safe Driving

Safety at Pedestrian Crossings

There is a ‘no stopping’ sign which means you’re not allowed to stop or park your car in, or partly in, that area for any reason. Dropping off or picking up passengers or goods in a ‘no stopping’ area is not permitted.

The red car is also letting their passenger out on-road. It is extremely unsafe for passengers to exit a vehicle in traffic especially as motorcycle and bicycle riders can legally move through stationary traffic. It is also offence for a passenger to remove their seatbelt on-road. If the passenger is under 16 the driver of the vehicle will also be committing an offence.

The driver of a vehicle (except a bus) must not drive (be in control of) a vehicle with a passenger if any part of the passenger’s body is outside a window or door of the vehicle. Driving in these circumstance includes stationary but not parked or stopped at a permitted location.

It’s also important to remember that vehicles cannot stop on a pedestrian crossing, 20 metres before or 10 metres after a crossing unless a parking sign states that vehicles are permitted to stop or park in that area.

Don’t be the red car, pull over safely in a designated area to let passengers out.

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